Zuani Vigne - FVG Vinitaly Top White Wine 2010

Depardieu judges Zuani Vigne the best white wine in blind tasting

MESSAGGERO VENETO Sunday April 11th 2010:
The French actor awards Patrizia Felluga´s Zuani: "this is your Top White Wine... the maximum glorification of the senses. It is a fresh and powerful wine, elegant with fantastic aromas"

IL GAZZETTINO Sunday April 11th 2010:
The white wine king is from the Collio. The choice falls to the Zuani blend. For French actor, Gerard Depardieu, who was not only testimonial but also the "judge" of these Friulan wines, the Collio Bianco 2009 Zuani from Patrizia Felluga´s San floriano del Collio winery, was the Top White Wine of the 2010 FVG Vinitaly.

IL PICCOLO Sunday April 11th 2010:
The French actor praises the Zuani 2009, as the Top White Wine of the event. Depardieu tasted ten Friulan white wines, one for each of the region´s DOC consortiums, but his choice, which was not guided at all, in the end fell to this "fresh and powerfull" blend that is "elegant with fantastic aromas". "the nicest thing about these wines" he added "is that each of them is created in respect of the nature of its glass and like a beautiful woman: it is difficult to choose". More specifically, Zuani is a blend that takes its name from the hillside where the vineyards from which it is born are located. It is made up of Friulano, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Pinot Grigio. "The true ingredients" Patrizia Felluga explains "are the soil, the climate, the passion, the love, the strength and the people of the land who produce it. Then ", she adds "each winemaker adds his own sensitivity and this" she concludes "renders our DOC great and much appreciated worldwide, even without reading the label on the bottle".

CORRIERE DELLA SERA Monday April 12th 2010:
"In this zone of Italy, I will take a small vineyard and share it with my friends" the actor enthusiastically announced, after judging the best white wine (Collio´s Zuani by patrizia Felluga) in a blind tasting from among ten DOC labels chosen by each of the consortiums. ...and what does Patrizia Felluga, winner of the Top White Wine 2010 say? She sees the practical aspect of the success, which she at all costs intends to "depersonalize". On other words Zuani´s producer, President of the Collio and carso Consortium, and born into the profession declares that it was not a name that won but moreover a region, and more specifically the terroir which is rich, complex, minerally, saline, that is the Collio itself.

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